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Top Eisdiele im Ruhrgebiet

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Das hier nur ganz schnell zwischendurch für alle, die im Ruhrgebiet ein Eis essen wollen, das aus besten Zutaten hergestellt wird und auch so schmeckt. Begebt Euch direkt ins Eiscafé Angelo Losego in der Rheinischen Str. 33 in Dortmund (, die Auswahl an Eissorten ist sehr groß und der Geschmack unschlagbar. Besondere Empfehlung: Joghurt mit Honig und Sesam, Haferflocke, Feige-Nuss und Quark mit Zimtpflaume. Hier wird das Milcheis noch aus echter Milch und frischen Eiern gemacht und darum ist das Ergebnis so lecker. In das Vanilleeis kommt noch echte Vanille und kein Aroma mit schwarzen Pünktchen und gelber Lebensmittelfarbe. Fotos gibt es an dieser Stelle keine, weil z.B. ein Becher mit den Sorten Haferflocke, Banane und Joghurt mit Honig und Sesam mit Sahne als Komposition in beige einfach nicht toll aussieht. Außerdem habe ich diesen quasi inhaliert und ihm somit jede Chance als Model genommen. Nein, heute habe ich leider kein Foto für Dich. Never mind the Inneneinrichtung, es sieht hier so aus wie in sehr vielen Eisdielen, leuchtende Farben an den Wänden, andere – nicht minder leuchtende – Farben als Sitzbezug, gläserne Eisbecher mit Farbverlauf…stylish ist anders, aber Familie Losego macht alles richtig. Die Qualität der Eiscrème ist das, was zählt und der Preis stimmt auch. Beim nächsten Mal frage ich nach einer Dauerkarte für das Eiscafé Angelo Losego.

Sagte ich Schnee? Did I say snow?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Grünkohl im SchneeOkay, es ist eine Menge passiert. Wie sonst wäre es zu erklären, dass dieser Blog für mehrere Monate geschwiegen hat?! Man hört immer wieder davon, dass ein Unglück selten allein kommt. Und auch, dass im Haushalt nie nur ein Gerät plötzlich kaputt ist, sondern immer gleich mindestens drei auf einmal. Die berühmte Ruhe vor dem Sturm kennt auch jeder. So…und jetzt die Frage: warum ist bei uns denn gleich ALLES auf einmal eingetreten? Okay, we had a lot going on. Why else was this blog so silent for months? It never rains but it pours. It’s like home appliances, once the hoover breaks down you can be sure the washing machine will follow. Literally everything came together in our case… (more…)

Alternative medicine: chicken soup!

Monday, September 21st, 2009
jalapeños from our garden

jalapeños from our garden

When I was little and had a cold coming up, my grandma as well as my mother started making a chicken soup as soon as my first sneezer was to hear. They said it’s the best medicine against coughs and sneezes. Some say it’s wishful thinking but I know that they were 100% right.

Why is a picture of jalapeños in this post about chicken soup? Carry on reading my embarrassing story…


Is hoarding a female chink? or Freezers – the smaller the better?

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

I bet you know this problem. You make a huge amount of rolls or bread, off goes half of it into the freezer. Leftovers from the party with friends? No problem, nicely tucked away in labelled freezer bags they wander into the freezer. I’m addicted to ice-cream. In a supermarket I never buy just the one package we’d need for the day. What if tomorrow the brand’s management decides to stop the production for a year? Or all of our friends and neighbours arrange a spontaneous visit? I’m better off buying 3 mega boxes…just in case. This goes on and on. Our side-by-side freezer is a monster, some of my girlfriends would rather use the space as a walk-in closet. Sometimes I forget how big it is until we get the invoice from our energy supplier which reads as if we were shareholders. It’s always the man at my side who admonishes me from time to time that even this freezer’s capacity is limited and that it shows when I’m buying the same stuff we already have, just because I can’t get through to the packages in the back. Do you know the feeling of a frozen leg of lamb on your toes? I’m just careful. Thomas calls it lazy, I believe. Talking to my friends it sounded like this could be a female thing but as they’re not representative it might not be true. Maybe you can share your experiences with me.

Yesterday Thomas decided to make dinner out of the food masses we store in our kitchen and he used a big bag of frozen fish filet which is great because tomorrow I can buy new ice-cream.

white fish filet bith bacon and capers

white fish filet bith bacon and capers

RECIPE is here (more…)

How to start?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I’m German and I guess my English is acceptable but I know that it’s far from being perfect. Please, if you find mistakes, let me know and don’t be too severe.
This blog is about the normal things in life and wouldn’t it be rude to exclude everybody who can’t read German language?

We used so many hints, ideas and recipes from other people’s blogs that we decided to start our own. As we just started growing our own food in the garden we felt now is the right time to share our experiences. This won’t be just about gardening though – we love to cook, eat and drink and are always happy to learn from others and hopefully we’ll be able to help and inspire others, too.

The German translation for “Bliss” is “Glückseligkeit” and who doesn’t love this feeling? It puts me off if this goes along with complicated recipes or expensive travels. Our budget isn’t great and we’re far from having a perfect house, kitchen and garden but very often it’s the simple things which can make your day. This is why we called the blog “Trivial Bliss”.

As we do this in our free time there won’t be updates everyday but as often as we find the time after a long working day or on the weekends.
You’ll find recipes, our first experiences with home gardening as well as the wines we like and how to take care of our diabetic cat Ben.
We hope you’ll like some of the things we do and enjoy reading this. It would be great to get feedback from as many different people around the world as possible.