You think that the “Ruhrgebiet” is grey, dirty, full of coal miners and working class families? You haven’t been here yet. Come over for a visit, we’ll show you around… The truth is that it’s a very green part of Germany and the fact that the scenery is mixed with old coal mines makes it very charming. There are good universities, museums, theatres and – most of all – very straightforward and moderate people, who sometimes seem to be a little rude but with hearts of gold. Nowhere else in Germany football fans are as devoted to their teams as here and only someone who has been to any of the matches in the famous stadiums like Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 or VFL Bochum will understand what this is about.

Because of this area being European Capital of Culture “Essen for the Ruhr” there will be many activities in the next months, a great website to get information, pictures and maps in English (and German) language is